RNS Sports Seasons

Fall/Winter -This season will run from September through November . Tryouts for this season will take place in August. 

Spring/Summer – This season will run from April through August. Tryouts for this season will take place in February (3rd-11th grade).

Time Commitment

Ron N Shoot (RNS) Sports teams have two 90-minute practices per week on Monday thru Thursday evenings. Teams will play at least two weekends a month, either in a tournament or a league. Weekends that tournaments or league games take place will be communicated well in advance.

Practice & Tournament Locations

A large majority of the tournaments and leagues that our teams play in ARE NOT located in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area. RNS Sports primarily practices in the Durham County School district. Practices primarily take place between the hours of 6:00-9:00pm.

Team Levels

Youth basketball is structured into Division I (Highest Level of Youth Competition), Division II, & Division III “AAU Basketball”. We typically have teams at each grade level at Division I, Division II and Division III competition levels. Not everyone who tries out will make a team. We try to offer as many opportunities as possible, but we can’t always accommodate everyone due to constraints on quality coaches and facilities. 

7th & 8th Grade School Ball

Per State High School Athletic Association rules, 7th & 8th graders are not allowed to play for a Club team and their school team at the same time. Players will be allowed to take a break from our club teams to play for their school ball team if they wish to do so. 


Player fees are $430 per season – this will cover uniform rental, tournament fees, practice time, concession fee, and player apparel. This DOES NOT include travel fees! Players may be required to purchase a new uniform at the start of the Fall/Winter season. 

Current RNS Sports Players

Practice schedules, competition dates, payment information and codes of conduct for current RNS Sports players can be found here soon.

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