Ron N Shoot (RNS) Sports, Inc. was founded and named in loving memory of Ronald (Ron) Malcolm Johnson, who was a premiere grassroots basketball coach in the Washington Metropolitan Area for the Maryland Madness AAU 13U-17U Boys Basketball Team. Ron took pride in keeping young men off of the streets by picking them up and taking them to practices and games all over the country. Ron wasn’t about wins or losses. Of course, he wanted to win, and he did a lot of that, but he considered it more of a win when a kid who was from a broken home went to college and made something of him self.



Vision – Ron N Shoot (RNS) Sports Inc., exists to make a positive impact in the Durham, NC community. RNS Sports provides first-class AAU teams, events, management, planning to premiere sports entities (including our own), and corporate events ranging from the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill (NC) expanding as far as along the East Coast. Relying on past experience and expertise, Ron N Shoot Sports Inc., aims to effectively establish, market, operate and manage high quality events catering to the student-athletes, participants, fans, and corporate sponsors who make the event(s) possible. Efficient and effective event planning and execution is a RNS Sports guarantee.



Mission - With a name like Ron N Shoot Sports, it is evident that basketball events are the foundation of our company, but there are so many more endeavors that we wish to accomplish. Those things range from: community outreach events (3 on 3's, Fashion/Step/Talent Shows), an upstart fashion line, athlete management, and film development/production. 


We realize that the grassroots basketball demographic is a "small but large network" because people who aren't casual basketball fans, coaches, participants or a person of interest may not care to attend one of our events. We realize that we have to take advantage of everyone who walks through the doors of our events because we may never see them again. In essence, our events became not only a source of revenue but a professional platform to relay all types of information, make those in attendance aware of our services and expose them to our artists/ outside endeavors because they go off to their regular lives which could be in need of a service we provide outside of basketball or could aid in our efforts for national notoriety and brand development.